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Designing kitchens and bathrooms to suit your budget and showcase your unique identity.

Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home.

It’s where you collect your thoughts early in the morning, reflect on your day at night and gather with friends and family throughout the year. Your most important connections take place in your kitchen.

I specialize in custom kitchen design. 

Whether under construction, remodels, or redecorating an existing space, Melinda Sedgemore Design Inc. will carry your project from concept to realization.  My team and I will ensure that your kitchen embraces the spirit of your home and perfectly reflects who you are.

Kitchen Design

There are some things that we all need in a good kitchen: lots of storage space, easy maintenance, a comfortable cooking space.  But maybe you also need it to accommodate multiple cooks (they don’t always spoil the broth!), to provide a kids’ area for homework and crafts, to welcome and encourage entertaining or to cozy you in for a quiet cup of coffee. 

There’s a lot to consider and a lot to pack into one space.  I will help you identify what you need, compile your ultimate wish list and from planning, design, purchasing and project management, make it happen. Together we can create the perfect kitchen for you and, at the same time, embody a style uniquely yours.

Bathroom Design

Unlike your kitchen, your bathroom is the most intimate and private room in your house.  Your perfect bathroom should be a soothing space that is both inspirational and easy to maintain.

We will thoughtfully consider beauty, light and storage to align functionality with aesthetics and create a nurturing room you may never want to leave!

Design Build

With my team of experienced, expert installers and contractors, we will successfully bring your project from concept to completion. Working closely with you we’ll identify priorities, develop a timeline and keep a close eye on budget. When we’re all done, we’ll move on and you’ll move into a home with more heart, soul and YOU! 

It looks beautiful!  Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience, in helping us design our new kitchen.

– J. Gugelyk

Design, consultation and installation from start to finish of:



Laundry rooms

Built-in units (garage, pantry, office, entertainment)

Rental/basement/in-law suites and kitchens

Bar and entertaining centres

We will thoughtfully consider beauty, light and storage to align functionality with aesthetics and create a nurturing room you may never want to leave!

Just wanted to say thank you for everything and your patience! It will be beautiful.

– S. & J. Kelley

Hi, I’m Melinda. 

I’m a designer, a decorator, an artist and a furniture refinisher.  But first and foremost, I’m a working mom who understands how important it is to have your lifestyle coincide with your home.  And vice versa.  Your home needs to work for you, reflect who you are and embrace the most important people and moments of your life.  I get it.  Together we’ll get it for you!

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