A kitchen designed by Melinda Sedgemore Design Inc. Hamilton Kitchen and Bath Designer

My Philosophy

Ultimately, my goal is to create a space that is uniquely you with all the elements that suit your lifestyle.

To do this, I imagine myself preparing a busy breakfast in your kitchen, relaxing with your family on your deck or sorting wash in your laundry room.  I put myself in your shoes and I ask, “How can I make this easier, better and more beautiful.”  As I get to understand you and your needs, every decision I make, from function to flow, storage and design, is with you (and your budget) in mind. I make sure that your home truly reflects who you are. I design, build and decorate spaces that my clients love living in. 

My Design Process


assess, share, brainstorm and explore

An introductory phone conversation will lead to an in-home or on-site consultation.  Together we’ll take inventory.  This is when you can fill me in on what isn’t working for you and dream big about what you’d love.  We’ll discuss solutions, determine a budget and set a timeline that works best for you.  I’ll also want to talk about what inspires you, what captivates you, the trends you like and the ones that drive you crazy.  We may need more than one meeting to nail it down.


sketch, discuss, tweak and agree

Once the initial design consultation is complete, I will pull our ideas together and present you with detailed drawings and floor plans.  These sketches will help us envision your new space. We can still make changes or include anything that we may have missed.  I’ll work closely with you to ensure that the design delivers everything you hoped for.


shop, compare, approve and acquire

Once the design has been finalized with your approval, I’ll provide quotes for various materials and finishes.  Together we’ll decide what is going to work the best, where to spend and where to save.


build, refine, beautify and complete

After we have decided on the construction materials, my contracting team will come in and, under my supervision, execute our design – on time and within budget.  I will then add the finishing accessories and décor.


dine, unwind, admire and enjoy

We’re done.  Luxuriate in your new space.  What’s up next?

Just had our first family meal in the kitchen today. Everything went well and we are very happy with the results. You were such a big part in making this remodel a success we can’t thank you enough!!

– L. D’Intino

Alternative Goals

Décor Consultation

Sometimes we don’t have the time, budget or desire for a renovation. A fresh coat of paint, a new carpet or a unique focal point is all we need to breathe life into our living space.  Melinda knows that reorganizing and coordinating can be overwhelming, especially with all the options out there.  She will bring vision into your home with transformations you never dreamed of.  She also understands the meaning of a tight budget and actually loves the endless possibilities that it can present. With a little effort, she will revive your home to make it new and YOU.

Design to Sell

Melinda is an expert on how to bring universal style to a home that you’re getting ready to put on the market.  Realtors and sellers have trusted her to consistently improve listing appeal and increase market value with her design execution. 

Hi, I’m Melinda. 

I’m a designer, a decorator, an artist and a furniture refinisher.  But first and foremost, I’m a working mom who understands how important it is to have your lifestyle coincide with your home.  And vice versa.  Your home needs to work for you, reflect who you are and embrace the most important people and moments of your life.  I get it.  Together we’ll get it for you!

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